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General Data Protected (GeDaP) is a leading supplier of consultancy/software to protect “Documents and Data in Motion”. Brexit does not remove the relevance of the EU General Data Protection Regulation which will be implemented across the UK from May 2018.

With its penalties for breaches of personal data, and a requirement to report breaches within 72 hours of discovery, it necessitates organisations to look carefully at all their systems and relationships with their suppliers and customers.

In today’s dynamic cyber environment, security is not static and requires the highest standards of authentication and encryption.

Print Management solutions

KeyTalk provides strong VPN Authentication using symmetric encryption (X.509) to verify that a package or stream is from a trusted source. You can use your existing PKI infrastructure or create a new CA On-the-Fly to mitigate “Phishing” and “Man-in-the-Middle” encryption by the creation of “Trusted” user devices which incorporate the DNA of its components. KeyTalk provides strong protection in the Cloud and can mitigate the risks for Microsoft 365 and Azure users as well as application users like SAP and Oracle. Its technology is similarly relevant for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Server to Server communication. With the EUGDPR Cloud Providers (Processors) now have an equal responsibility with Data Controllers GeDaP provide proven tools to secure Microsoft 365 and Azure users and provide a secure easily implemented compliance. More